With a rebellious spirit and a passion for comics, Bad Girl Comics is the home for all your favorite baddies. We celebrate the darker side of the comic world, showcasing characters that are bad to the bone.

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black and white cat on brown wooden shelf
black and white cat on brown wooden shelf


Explore our unique projects that capture the essence of badness. From graphic novels to digital comics, we bring the most captivating stories featuring the baddest characters in the comic universe.

red and black plastic toy
red and black plastic toy

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Dive into our portfolio of projects that push the boundaries of creativity. Our team of talented artists and writers create groundbreaking comics that challenge conventions and celebrate the power of badness.

dog wearing Superman costume
dog wearing Superman costume

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Get a glimpse of our exceptional projects that showcase the allure of badness. With captivating artwork and compelling narratives, our comics transport you to a world where the bad girls reign supreme.